• Resolution

    Minimum 300dpi
    Maximum 600dpi

  • Max Paper Size

    320 X 432mm

  • Max Printing Area

    291 X 413mm
    If you print on A3, leave a border of at least 3mm on the sides, 5mm from the top of the page, and 2mm from the bottom.

  • Text

    All texts should be set in vectors and should be outlined before exporting. Please keep in mind that text is more legible when printed with just 1 colour and at least 5pt. For knockout text the minimum size is 8pt. Set text below 12pt in registration black and text 12pt or over in 100% black.

  • Opacity

    Opacity should be set between 5% and 95%. Areas with less than 5% opacity cannot be printed well and more than 95% is too much ink. Large flat areas of colour should not exceed 85% and should not be too close to the edges, especially the top.

  • Transparencies

    Flatten all transparencies and effects before exporting. Areas that look empty on the screen could be printed in unpredictable ways.

  • Tyre Marks

    The rubber wheel that carries the sheets into the machine might collect some ink and leave faint marks on the sheets. To be safe, avoid heavily inked areas on the head of sheets.

  • Page Marks

    Do not include any crop, bleed, or registration marks while exporting your PDFs.

  • Bleed

    If you print images that go over the edge of the page, leave a 5mm bleed margin.

  • Safety Margins

    To be safe, leave a 5mm margin from the edge of the page and any important part of your design.

  • Spot Colours

    Remember that risograph printing uses custom spot colours. When preparing your files, make sure to use the corresponding Pantone for the objects or the channels you want to print in that colour. We recommend you do this from an early stage of the design process.

To send us your files, click on the button below and leave us a message. We will reply with an upload link. Before uploading your file, please read the following information.

If you are already familiar with risograph printing and know how to prepare your files, send us a compressed folder with all your printing files. To avoid confusion, the folder name should contain your name and the title of your project.

We need grayscale PDFs to print. Please send us one PDF for each colour (named after the corresponding colour), plus a full colour jpeg. If you want to print a book, booklet or fanzine, export the PDFs as separate pages. Please do not include crop marks.

You can also send us your working files and we will export them for you. In any case, please follow this advice: If you use Photoshop, work on your file and then separate it into channels, assign the spot colour you want it printed with to each channel. If you work with InDesign or Illustrator, make sure to also colour all objects and texts with the spot colour you want to use. As Adobe does not list Riso colours, you should use the closest Pantone as indicated in Machines and Techniques.

If you have any doubts, please get in touch with us. We can give you some tips or do the prepress for you. For especially time consuming prepress (e.g. channel separation, assigning spot colours, image correction) an additional fee might apply.