Introduction to risograph printing

  • Dates

    XX-XX December

  • Price

    60 € for 2 days, including an edition of a zine or a poster

  • Participants

    Minimum 2 maximum 5

In this workshop, we explain the basic concepts and processes of risograph printing. No previous knowledge is required, just curiosity and the will to try new things. During the workshop, participants acquire the basic skills and theoretical knowledge necessary to work with risograph.

Reading Groups

To help us imagine alternatives to the current alienating and futureless capitalistic reality, we want to organise reading groups that discuss political, theoretical and literary texts. We’re particularly interested in texts from non-Western, non-white, feminist and queer perspectives. Each meeting will consist of a reading and a discussion. Our intention is to help each other understand and, if necessary, translate the texts together. Please contact us if you have any suggestions or would like to join a group!