Oreri—Iniziativa Editoriale is a Risograph printing workshop and a platform for (self)publishing and printmaking. We have a Riso MF9350 and soon an A3+ screen print carousel, and binding machinery. We can assist you in designing, printing, and finishing books, zines, flyers, posters, business cards, album covers, menus, and any other print media you need help with. We encourage experimentation and see printing as a learning process.


This is our printing studio


and this is our Riso MF9350


we can print with 2 colours at the same time

Photo Studio B-1.jpg

and have 8 colour drums: black, red, blue, green, yellow, fluo pink, teal, and flat gold


we can print on different kinds of non-coated paper, between 46 and 240gsm

J Photo studio 4_12-14.jpg

and up to SRA3 format, with a definition of 600dpi


we offer different kinds of hand and machine binding services


we’re a graphic design studio, a small publisher, and a space that hosts printing workshops and cultural events


so pass by or contact us for any inquiries