We offer fast, affordable printing solutions for individuals, businesses, and institutions. We make the tools for printing and (self)publishing available to as many people as possible, with a particular focus on those who are often denied platforms of self-expression. Our studio is a place where groups and individuals of different backgrounds can come together to exchange and generate knowledge and skills.


Like all printing processes, risograph printing has certain limitations that might influence your design choices. To ensure that you are satisfied with the outcome, we strongly recommend that you drop by to discuss your project in person, especially if your project is more complex than a flyer or a poster, has more than 2 colours, or requires binding. If you have worked with us already and know what to expect, we can speed things up. (For more information, see our Terms and Conditions).


Our Riso MF9350 uses very little electricity and inks that are mostly made from agricultural byproducts. We only print on recycled and FSC certified papers, and buy our bags and t-shirts from companies that produce sustainably and pay their workers a living wage.