Costs, Production and Delivery

  • We do not print any material protected by copyright but are not responsible for checking the material before printing.
  • Under no circumstances will we print material that discriminates or offends on the basis of gender, race, nationality, legal status, religion, physical appearance or abilities.
  • We consider an agreement to a quote as a job confirmation and will start the production as soon as possible. If you want to cancel the job or make any changes later, we will charge you for any costs generated up to that moment (e.g. used material, special orders, prepress).
  • All jobs will be invoiced and, unless otherwise agreed, have to be paid before they leave the studio. For jobs exceeding a value of 1000€, we require an upfront payment of 40% of the entire sum.
  • We are not responsible for any mistakes in the text, low-resolution images, missing links, non outlined fonts, layout mistakes or any other error that might occur while you export the files.
  • Printing tests and proofs are possible but might involve a special fee and must be agreed prior to the job confirmation.
  • If your job is urgent and requires special treatment, a rush fee can be applied which will be included in the quote.
  • A deadline for the delivery of the finished product will also be included in the quote. However, we are not responsible for delays caused by third parties (suppliers, shipping companies), force majeure (e.g. natural disasters, pandemics), holidays or any other events that might affect your project’s arrival to its final destination.
  • Finished jobs can also be collected in our studio by appointment. If you are in Cagliari, we can also bring them to you. In any case, they should leave our studio within two weeks from completion. We do not take responsibility for items left in our custody for longer.
  • Shipping fees depend on the shipping method of your choice. We ship properly packed items with a trackable service and are not responsible for damages that might occur during travel.
  • We reserve the right to display images of the job in our studio, website or social media channels to promote our work, unless expressly requested not to.

Printing and quality

By printing with us you are agreeing to the characteristics of risograph printing which always involves a certain degree of imperfection.

  • Ink smudging:
    Riso ink might smudge a little depending on the drying process, the amount of ink and the absorbance of the paper. Smudge-free risograph prints can only be ensured by topcoating.
  • Colour difference:
    Riso inks are unique to this technology and do not follow CMYK or Pantone colour scales. Each colour has a rough equivalent in each scale (see our colour chart) but there will be a difference between the equivalent and the Riso colour. Photographic images will differ from those produced by a digital or offset printer. Furthermore, the inks have a degree of transparency, meaning that overlappings will produce a new colour. The paper will also affect the final image.
  • Uneven coverage:
    Large, flat areas of colour might present variations in coverage and appear grainy.
  • Registration:
    Because each layer is printed individually, slight misalignments are to be expected, especially when working on both sides of the paper and in projects that require multiple runs in the machine.
  • Tire marks:
    The rubber wheel that feeds the paper into the machine might leave some faint marks, especially when projects specify heavy ink coverage on previously printed sheets. These can be cleaned with a rubber in most cases.

We will assist you in making sure that your design minimises such imperfections. However, they can not be completely eliminated and are part of the essence and beauty of risograph printing.